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Wear Your Own Adventure

We understand what women want at Lillie & Cohoe. Our sweet spot is creating beautiful hats for a sun-dappled walk in a country lane, a saunter through softly falling snow to a downtown coffee date, attending an idyllic wedding in a field of wildflowers or strolling with your sweetie in a sweet-smelling rain shower. Live in the moment when wearing a Lillie & Cohoe hat.

Step Out with Confidence in a Lillie & Cohoe Hat

Did you burn your toast, spill coffee on your pants or are you late for your appointment? Once you don your Lillie & Cohoe hat or coat it doesn’t matter; you can feel the confidence and inner calm that being gracefully dressed brings. Celebrate feeling your best while visiting our millinery, virtually or in person, and find your true style. Our hats reference the past, but with their chic, timeless designs give women presence.

Weathering the Elements in Style     

Though a blizzard is blowing, your Lillie & Cohoe hat neither becomes too stylish for the job or flies off, because our hats are crafted for real weather, and we believe that an iconic look doesn’t exclude warmth and comfort. Consider our earcuff a fashionable secret weapon: hidden until you need it, unobtrusive but utterly practical in a gust of wind or snow squall; simply fold it down and lose none of your panache.

Hats Made in Canada, Enduring in Design and Quality

Aren’t you sad when your favourite shirt seams unravel or your best scarf stretches, its shape lost to time? This will never happen with a Lillie & Cohoe hat: both in design and construction they are crafted to last. Each style is meticulously created to enhance the wearer’s face shape, skin and hair colour, and then is sewn in house, by women with decades of experience. We source only the softest of wools and cashmere, the best quality fabrics and notions for our elegant hats and coats. Handmade in Canada has never felt better.

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