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Patchwork Tote


Our Patchwork Tote is a part of our Sustainability Collection Collab with @_mothersnake. Roomy & Fashionable. Each has a satin liner, Snap Closure (with the exception of Faux Fur v.1 with a magnetic close) & 1 internal pocket on the wall of the tote measuring 9 wide x 5.25 deep.
Measurements: 13.5 x W: 5 x H: 13,
Handle: 15.75 from bag to top of loop

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Made from the Fabric Remnants produced during our hat production, all our Sustainability items are One Of A Kind and cannot be reproduced. New items will be made Seasonally and based on fabrics available.

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Large L: 13.5 x W: 5 x H: 13 Inches
Handle: 15.75 from bad to top of loop


Navy/Camel, Black/Blue/Rust, Neutral/Camel v.1, Neutral/Camel v.2, Faux Fur v.1, Faux Fur v.2


Fabric Remnants


Sustainability, Tote


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